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kyoto drip coffee [12 pack]

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Invented by Dutch sailors in the 1600’s, re-engineered by Japanese artisans the following century, and reimagined by Dripdash in 2018. Kyoto Drip Coffee is made using one drop of water at a time for 16 hours to extract the most pleasant flavors in coffee. The gravity extracted brewing method is known for having nuanced high-notes, a balanced body, and a shockingly smooth finish. 

Each bottle contains 0 calories and 200mg of natural caffeine (equivalent to 3.5 shots of espresso or 1.8 Redbulls). Our only 2 ingredients are specialty coffee and water. Our current blend uses an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe component and a Nicaraguan component. Strawberry body with a dark cacao finish.

Because of the high-quality ingredients and our focus on freshness, this product must remain refrigerated from creation to consumption. Ingredients: specialty coffee + water. 

For coffee beverages only

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