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Coffee is one of the most highly consumed beverages in the world. Between coffee shops, instant coffee, V60, espresso, K-pods, and dozens of variants, it’s easy to come by. When it comes to experience and preference, the differentiating factors can be explored further in Finding Your Perfect Coffee, but for the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the history that led Dripdash to create the first Michelin-Star–restaurant-approved coffee beverage in the world: the Kyoto Iced Coffee.

Kyoto Iced Coffee was originally invented by Dutch sailors in the 1600s. 

They were traveling to Asia, passing through both Africa and Indonesia, gathering the original Arabica coffee plants — Mokha and Java, respectively. To conserve firewood during the long voyages and to make their coffee beans last longer, they put their lab equipment to good use and created a brewing apparatus, which controls flow rate of the water passing through a bed of coffee. The result: a low-acid coffee beverage full of robust flavor, undertones that are typically hidden in hot beverages, and a fruity + chocolatey finish.

Upon arrival in Japan, the first recorded transaction of the brewing device was between the Dutch sailors and Japanese artisans trading the coffee and brewing mastery for art and poetry. Moving forward, the Japanese took it upon themselves to rethink the brewing device and created their own optimized version similar to what we see today in boutique coffee shops.


Dripdash + Hario Cold Drip Tower


Fast forward to 2018, and Dripdash is the first to offer this Ready-to-Drink brewing style across the USA.

With patent-pending brewing technology, we’re able to produce the same flavor profile as the highly desirable beverages that are constantly either sold-out at coffee shops or brewed incorrectly. The slow-drip brewing process creates a chaotic extraction process where each drop of water runs through the coffee grounds in different directions, mimicking an ant-trail pattern. Through the natural gravity-extraction process (and unlike the majority of other brewing processes), the grounds in Kyoto brewing aren’t constantly saturated with water so there is much less agitation during the extraction process, which results in more desirable flavor, rather than over-extracted flavor notes. 

This next remarkable feature of our process involves hand picking the beans and ensuring perfect roast levels. Similar to the importance of the terroir in wine, the beans, the season, and the roast determine a large part of the end result. This time of year, we found our favorite blend to be a combination of Mexican and Ethiopian beans roasted to a perfect medium.


Dripdash coffee taster's flavor wheel


Each water + bean interaction can create a radically different effect and with this brewing process it is very important to dial it in for the perfect experience.

After 100s of iterations using our 12+ years in the coffee, and being the pioneers in this patent-pending brewing process at scale, we present to you the most flavorful packaged coffee available today, the Kyoto Iced Coffee. 2 ingredients: coffee + water. Our oat milk lattes use the exact same coffee brewed with this style, but we’ve designed an experience for those that like to add light cream + sugar without sacrificing flavor or quality.

Enjoy chilled until the caffeine comes in hot 🤠

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Dripdash Kyoto Iced Coffee + Lavender Maple Latte + Black Sesame Oat Milk Latte