Kyoto Iced Coffee is a coffee beverage that is brewed over 16 hours using slow-drip gravity-extraction. The method of brewing was originally invented by Dutch sailors in the 1600s, re-engineered by Japanese artisans the following century, and finally perfected by Dripdash in 2018. Dripdash is the first wholesale manufacturer in the US that is creating this beverage in a Ready-to-Drink format.

Kyoto Iced Coffee is a naturally occurring nootropic, which means it enhances cognition and memory, and facilitates learning. Unlike hot coffee, which extracts oils and a variety of other chemicals from coffee, Kyoto Iced Coffee is created through a less agitative brewing process, which in turn greatly reduces the acidity of the coffee, up to 70% less than hot coffee.  

When used in the right quantities, Kyoto Iced Coffee can help you burn fat by increasing metabolism and is also a great antioxidant.

Although both styles of brewing are made at room temperature or below, they are completely different brewing processes, which result in different outcomes. Just as French Press doesn’t taste like Espresso and are each consumed in different volumes, Cold Brew and Kyoto Iced Coffee use different coffee to water ratios, brewing times, grind settings, and calibration.

Cold Brew is one of the most straight-forward and simple brewing processes, which is created through an immersion process: you take coarse coffee grounds, soak them overnight in water, and then remove the coffee grounds through a filter before consumption. Easy process, 6.5/10 in flavor.

Kyoto Iced Coffee is an erosion brewing process that’s built for precision brewing in a 3 layered system. The first layer is the water, second is the bed of coffee with filters on the top and bottom, and the third layer is the extract that is created from the interaction of the first two layers. Rather than controlling the total amount of time the coffee is soaked in water (generally 12-24 hours for Cold Brew), Kyoto Iced Coffee controls the flow rate of the water that goes through the coffee, which alters the taste profile dramatically. 

The result of Kyoto Iced brewing is the smoothest, strongest, and least bitter coffee you will EVER try. If you can find a different coffee that beats us in any of these 3 features, let us know and we will give you a 100% refund. Difficult process, 10/10 in flavor.

Feel free to read more information about how to make Kyoto Style Coffee at home.

Because of the seasonality of coffee, we have to change the source of the coffee between 2-4 times per year. We have been working for nearly 2 years with the same roasters and direct trade farms, where we ensure ethical labor laws are in-place. A big part of our industry is coffee transparency and we value our relationships with the farmers. Our coffees are also all Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our year-round flavor-profile for the Kyoto Drip Coffee is a Mokha-Java flavor. The original Mokha comes from Yemen, and Java from Indonesia, but due to the scarcity and cost of the original source, we mimic the flavors as best we can with alternative origins. Most recently, we used an Ethiopian for the Mokha part, which gives a berry-like body and a Nicaraguan coffee for the Java portion, which gives our coffee the smooth and delicious dark chocolate and macadamia finish.

Traditionally, Kyoto Coffee is meant to be served chilled, but it also tastes incredible when it’s hot! We’ve tried a variety of heating methods including microwaving and heating over the stove, but our favorite method is frothing the coffee, if you have the equipment available to you.

We recommend using our product to start every day, especially on the way to work or the gym. Instead of waiting to make coffee at home or going to a coffee shop to purchase overpriced coffee, you now have access to the most delicious coffee ever made. 

Don’t believe us? Try getting your barista to spend 16 hours on your latte.

Much to contrary belief, coffee is a potent source of healthful antioxidants. In fact, coffee shows more antioxidant activity than green tea and cocoa! Finally, chlorogenic acid, an important antioxidant found almost exclusively in coffee, is also thought to help prevent cardiovascular disease. 

The only recommendation we make is starting off with drinking ½ of the bottle or less and see how you feel after 30 minutes. Don’t let the delicious flavor fool you - because our Kyoto Coffee is packed with caffeine!

Consult your physician if you are pregnant or under 18 years of age.

Because coffee is an organic matter and we focus on preserving freshness and flavor, we have to ship our products refrigerated. This makes our shipping costs up to 5x more expensive than other beverages. 

Due to this reason, we currently only ship in the US.

Great question! For starters, we make the only bottled Kyoto Iced Coffee in the US! This style of brewing is costly and difficult to replicate, requires years of practice, proprietary equipment, and 16 hours to brew. 

Next, we source our coffee ethically through direct relationships with farmers ensuring fair labor practice, which adds cost to the raw product.

Lastly, because of our focus on experience, freshness, and flavor, our coffee beverage must remain refrigerated from production to consumption, which also give them a shorter shelf-life. Most other ready-to-drink coffees are mass produced and use a variety of processing styles, which allow the beverage to be shelf-stable (, but ruins the flavor and freshness as a result.

At Dripdash, as soon our beverages are bottled or canned, we store them in refrigeration. When you place your order, we pull each product from refrigeration, immediately store it in our engineered insulated package (larger-than-average box), add ice bags (adds extra weight to shipping), and use a courier to ship to you in under 48 hours.The combination of all these costs adds up, and as much as we're trying to reduce our prices, our margins are much lower than other brands because we are trying to remain competitive. 

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