oat milk + maple + lavender + kyoto coffee [12 pack]

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Inspired by creativity and wellness, made for those that appreciate craftsmanship with a hint of sweetness. Combining old-world zen (lavender) and infusing with new-world milk (how do you even milk oats?!), this beverage is both delicious and powerful. We use our proprietary 16-hour cold-dripped Kyoto Drip Coffee as the base along with added plant-based ingredients for a perfectly-balanced smooth beverage.

Each can contains 80 calories, has 160mg of natural caffeine (equivalent to 2.5 shots of espresso), and uses premium grade coffee beans (our current blend is composed of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a small-lot Nicaraguan farm).

ingredients: oat milk (water, hydrolyzed oats), specialty-grade coffee, maple syrup, natural lavender extract  | 160mg caffeine per can | 12 cans per case

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