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 From left to right: Dolores, Or, and Zac   

At the cross-section of aesthetics, flavor, and strength, comes the brewing style known as Kyoto Coffee. A style originally invented by Dutch sailors in the 1600s, who were using lab equipment to conserve firewood on long voyages. The method was then re-engineered by Japanese artisans and has since gained popularity across the world.


Not to be confused with immersion Cold Brew, Kyoto Coffee (AKA Cold Drip or Water Tower Drip) is a brewing method that uses erosion to extract coffee into its ready-to-drink format, and the difference is noticeable in both flavor and caffeine. Kyoto Coffee gravity extracts one drop per second over 16 hours to bring out layers of complex taste, reduced bitterness, and other sweet flavors that are typically nuanced with other brewing methods.


Dripdash came into existence as a means to change the perception of coffee as a commodity, rather than the craft it truly is. In 2018, after falling in love with Kyoto Coffee from their local coffee shop, Zac, Or, and Dolores, decided to tinker around with brewing equipment to create a device that can provide consistent batches and share it with the world.


The days of waiting in line at a coffee shop for premium coffee are over. With our 12+ years of expertise in coffee craftsmanship, we’ve designed a way for you to enjoy premium coffee that’s at your fingertips. Aside from our website, you can find Dripdash in 150 retail locations, Good Eggs, Michelin-rated restaurants, and upscale bakeries.





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