corporate events

We offer team-building and coffee-education events, which provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment and learn about cold drip coffee. It's a similar simulation to wine tasting, but can be done during lunch hour and build momentum to finish off the second half of the work day strong as ever!

    • Developing coffee palates and understanding the different aromas/flavors
    • Education about roasting and brewing methods
    • Coffee samples and blind coffee taste test


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Nick Damiano, CEO (Zenflow):
" Our team loved the coffee tasting and learned a lot from the Dripdash team. The Japanese-style cold drip became an instant favorite for a lot of us."


Chris Selim, President ( Extensure Financial):
"My team loved the Dripdash coffee tasting! It was amazing to learn about all of the different flavor profiles and growing conditions of coffee. It was like a wine tasting experience, except all the employees came back to work happy and more productive rather than sleep."