Top 5 Coffee Brewing Methods and How to Make Them

Coffee Brewing methods
Whether you are just getting started in your coffee journey, or you’re an expert, we can all agree the device makes a world of a difference. Coffee has 850 aromatic compounds (2x the complexity of wine) and that means the combination of time, temperature, pressure, grind level, and other parameters can each create a new experience.  
For reference, these are our 5 favorites, which take into account flavor profile, prep time, cost per device, consistency, and the entertainment of the brewing process. Other brewing methods that didn’t make the list have different use-cases and score different by our ranking, but are not necessarily unacceptable. Unless it’s a Keurig 12-cup… We can all do better than that.
  1. French Press -
    TDS (total dissolved solids): 1.4%

french press dripdash

One of the easiest and most delicious preparation methods that offers a consistent flavor profile every time. All you need is 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee (size of rock salts) and 350 grams of water (1:12 ratio). Pour the hot water on top of the coffee, let it steep for exactly 4 minutes and 30 seconds, plunge the filter, and boom. No need for paper filters or too much prep, just pure joy.
  1. TDS: 1.8%

dripdash immersion cold brew

Refreshing, highly caffeinated, and rich in flavor, cold brew has been a classic brewing method gaining mass popularity over the last 10 years. Unlike other brewing methods that require hot water, this can be made in room temperature or even in your fridge. The method: use a ratio of 1:8 coffee to water with a medium-coarse grind setting (size of sea salt), soak in water for 8-12 hours andvoilà. The nice thing with cold brew (since it’s brewed cold and has a different chemical composition than hot brews) is that it can remain fresh and delicious in your fridge for up to 1 week.
  1. TDS: 9%

breville espresso machine dripdash

Espresso is one of the finest art forms in coffee. It is delicious and complex in flavor, and the amount of beverages that can be made with it are endless. But unless you are very invested in your coffee journey, it can be discouraging and expensive to master this art. BUT, if you are committed to getting started with espresso at home, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the Breville BES870XL. I’ve had it at home for over 6 years and with routine maintenance, it is still running as good as ever, even with daily usage. With a home machine, you can pull phenomenal shots, and there’s always a way in the future to upgrade the portafilter and grinder to pull even better espresso shots with the same machine. Generally speaking, each shot of espresso uses 18 grams of very fine coffee and is extracted for about 30 seconds. Bring on the crema!
  1. TDS: 1.6%

Hario Dripdash v60 pour over

When you think of the ultimate 3rd wave coffee morning routine, there is nothing more accurate than the pour over. The brewing method dates back many centuries and is able to make one of the finest forms of a full-bodied beverage. My go-to ratio is using 23 grams of coffee at medium-grind setting with 350 grams of water, poured in 4 circling rotations with 30-45 seconds in each pour during the process. The Hario V60 is very inexpensive and you can buy accompanying filters that should do the trick. The 5 minutes it takes to prepare this brew might as well be the 5 most important minutes in the day.
  1. Kyoto Iced Coffee -
    TDS: 3.5%

Dripdash Kyoto Iced Coffee made by Hario

As you go down the specialty coffee rabbit hole, the most important skill is understanding the nuanced flavors in each single origin or blend, and trying to decipher them. Brewed properly, Kyoto Iced Coffee brings out those flavors to the front of the tongue, creating the dreamy experience you wish every coffee offered. While the method is challenging to brew (step-by-step instruction here), the outcome is a viscous beverage that almost reminds you of a malt liquor with a shockingly smooth finish. The rule of thumb is 1:10 ratio (usually 100 grams of coffee with 1 Liter of water in the standard machines), medium grind setting, and it’s very important to pre-infuse the beans before brewing. To save you the trouble, we’ve also been perfecting our craft since 2018 so you can have Kyoto Iced Coffee ready in a can every morning
So there you have it - our 5 favorite brewing styles that you can choose from. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to slide in our DM's on Instagram or on our website chat.