kyoto iced coffee [12 pack]

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Where it all started. Japanese-Style Slow-Dripped for 16 hours: Rich body, Triple-strength, and Smooth finish. Here's rocket fuel for any occasion 🚀

Invented by Dutch sailors in the 1600’s, re-engineered by Japanese artisans the following century, and reimagined by Dripdash in 2018. Kyoto Iced Coffee is made using one drop of water at a time for 16 hours to extract the most pleasant flavors in coffee. The gravity extracted brewing method is known for having nuanced high-notes, a balanced body, and a shockingly smooth finish. 

12 units x 7.5 fl oz

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe + Mexican Chiapas blend. Dark-chocolate body with a clean almond-like finish.

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frequently asked questions

Kyoto Iced Coffee is a Ready-to-Drink craft coffee beverage brewed over 16 hours using slow-drip gravity-extraction. The method of brewing was originally invented by Dutch sailors in the 1600s, re-engineered by Japanese artisans the following century, and finally perfected by Dripdash in 2018. Dripdash is the first wholesale manufacturer in the US that is creating this beverage in a Ready-to-Drink format.

Kyoto Iced Coffee is one of the finest and most artisanal craft-coffee beverages available today. From the very difficult preparation method to the extraordinary flavor, this beverage offers an experience unlike any other with 70% lower acidity than other coffees, nearly no bitterness throughout, and a shockingly smooth finish.
For more information on how it compares to other brewing methods, check out our Infographic: Different Coffee-Brewing Methods.

All of our beverages have between 120-130mg naturally occurring caffeine, which is the equivalent of 2 shots of espresso or a Redbull. You can find more information under the “Nutrition Facts” tab of the page.

We fulfill each order under 2 business days so you will receive it at your door between 3-6 business days!

Ethical sourcing is a large part of our DNA so by having direct relationships with the farmers, we ensure labor laws are met and only work with farms whose mission we align with. We currently use a blend of Mexico Chiapas and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

Short answer — absolutely! Long answer — don’t drink more coffee than your body is comfortable with! Coffee is a potent source of healthful antioxidants and the world’s ultimate productivity beverage. In fact, coffee shows more antioxidant activity than red wine, green tea, and cocoa. And lastly, chlorogenic acid, an important antioxidant found almost exclusively in coffee, is also thought to help prevent cardiovascular disease.