Top 5 Cold Drip Coffee Towers

Here is a breakdown of the most common devices for brewing Kyoto Iced Coffee, Dutch coffee, cold drip, slow drip, LA crack, and any other cold-water drip term you can think of. All of them have been hand-tested aside from the $20,000 device for obvious reasons. Enjoy!


1. Yama -

The Yama Glass is our favorite, as it incorporates filtration and has precise flow control. Using a ceramic filter to capture any coffee sediment, this device eliminates the paper flavor that comes from the majority of coffee preparation methods. The glass coil that leads each drop of coffee to the rest of the extract allows for a longer oxidation process which alters the flavor and aerates it, similar to how a wine decanter operates. 


2. Oji -

Although very aesthetically pleasing, this is one of the more difficult-to-operate cold drip devices. The mechanics behind it are quite fascinating, where it uses two chambers of water in order to have better control of the water pressure and flow rate. The water is distributed in a more even manner through a diffuser with multiple heads, rather than the other systems that drip straight onto the bed of coffee. Overall, the Oji Tower does the trick but is expensive and fragile. 


3. Bruer -

This is a very user-friendly device without many bells and whistles. It is built out of thin glass and contains the important pieces to make a good cup of cold drip. The filters used here are paper and a mesh metal filter at the bottom, which seems to remove the majority of the coffee grounds and is easy to clean. This is a great entry-level device for home use. 


4. PuckPuck -

After playing around with this device, we have seen that the water isn’t controlled very easily, meaning it’ll generally be a faster drip process and not extract as many flavors. You’ll also need to purchase the AeroPress, which means that you’ll have more pieces to assemble for every cup of coffee. The device is small and affordable which could be beneficial if you are just looking for a novelty cold dripper.

5. Dutch Labs - 

The towers offered by Dutch Labs is a piece of art that is inspired by different architectural pieces and stories. As the process is very time consuming, the designer's belief is that they should also be visually satisfying. At the end of the day, these are showpieces, intended for hotel lobbies and extravagant displays. 


Bonus: Dripdash -

Dripdash is the Original Wholesale Manufacturer of Kyoto Iced Coffee in the US. Each 9.5 fl oz can contains 200 milligrams of caffeine. It has been featured by Fast Company, Gear Patrol, Sunset Magazine, and San Francisco Coffee Festival and is currently available for purchase in select California locations and online at Check them out if you want to experience this unique style without purchasing, assembling, and operating any equipment.